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11dp5dt faint line

By | 14.10.2020

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I broke down and took a FRER test yesterday afternoon 8dp5dt and got a faint positive. I read lots of posts on other boards stating false positives with these new curved tests. I retested around 3am this morning because I woke up needing to pee at that time.

That line was so faint it's barely visible.

11dp5dt faint line

I'm so confused and trying to stay positive. I then around am did an equate blue line early result hpt and I see a very very faint line on it too.

Digital was negative. I don't know what to think?? This is my 3rd try and we transferred one this time. Trying to stay optimistic. My beta is this Thursday the 9th.

Thank you! Good luck on your beta tomorrow! I'll keep you all posted on how things go. I just keep praying we finally will have our miracle :. Those are def bfps!! Mine started out light like that too. I suggest testing every other day to see them get darker.Comments from original poster 5 Comments from original poster 5 Load more Comment advertisement Comments 13 BabyCentre may earn a commission from shopping links. When I went to put it in bin an hour later there was a feint but definite line.

The next day I tested with a clear blue digital and it went positive almost immediately although only weeks on conception indicator.

Went on to have a perfectly healthy pregnancy. I would test again tomorrow or the day after if you can hold out. Good luck, I really hope it's your time x. I did do a clearblue digital but only the only with the conception indicator and it said not pregnant but I know they are many very sensitive.

There is a definite pink line on the first response and the alere, plus today I'm an absolutely exhausted Will try again tomorrow or Tuesday! Nothing is ever straight forward with the infertility lark is it! But sounds good! I had a faintish line on a first response. It was definately there, but wasn't exactly a strong positive, and I am pregnant with twins. They often say that twins gives you a darker line, so I was suprised.

A line is positive, and I really hope and pray your line gets darker. Will be keeping everything crossed for you xxxxx. Feeling down but at least it didn't progress and then us get to the scan at 6 weeks and see an empty sack. Any advice as to what I should ask or add on to my next cycle?

I over stimmed last time and have freeze all so not sure how good quality the eggs were as we only had 6 out of 25 mature eggs fertilise. I found it useful to take some time to grieve and do some research before having my last review. Do you still have some frozens left? How many cycles have you had in total? Different clinics seem to offer steroids at different points. I have had 3 failed cycles over the years, but my clinic will only prescribe after positive endo biopsy for NK cells.

I'm having one tomorrow to rule it out, but it is expensive. I know some will prescribe after a certain number of unsuccessful attempts.

I was offered clexane without any tests after two failed cycles which may have helped me get my BFP. Have your clinic discussed whether a scratch or embryo glue maybe beneficial to you? I wish you all the luck for the future and hope you get some answers. I asked about the scratch before our FET and it was too late to do it but they said they usually only do that for older women or those who have had failed implantation. I am guessing as ours did actually implant although it didn't stay they won't think its beneficial.

I'm not sure what we can have as we are NHS, I know my clinic offer prednislone and intralipids but we would probably have to pay for them.

9dp5dt very faint positive??

I've had the hidden infection tests done and they cam back clear but I took doxycycline up until the day before my transfer Serum suggested it.

I just want to start again, for me the waiting in between everything is what stresses me out, I feel ok to just crack on!

This inactive post may not receive community feedback. We recommend you begin a new post.Comments from original poster 11 Comments from original poster 11 Load more 1 Comment advertisement Comments 26 BabyCentre may earn a commission from shopping links. A line is a line Hun! You're pregnant!!! Am assuming your af hasn't arrived? Take it one day at a time, and enjoy. Keeping everything crossed for you and your little bean xxxx.

No, no af. But I'm not sure if the meds would prevent her from showing or not. You read so many stories about chemical pregnancies after IVF in vitro fertilization that you can't help but worry!

I know I need to step away from the pee sticks! There's also a website where u can check out pictures of other prey tests. It's quite good because u can select the brand you have used and look at others.

Faint positive 3 days in a row

I obsessed over the darkness of my tests and I'm pretty sure mine didn't get really dark until I was about 15 dp dear partner 3dt. Also, FETs are a bit slower, I didn't get a bfp until 11dp 3dt and it was so faint I chucked it away. Without seeing your test it's difficult to say but I'm sure things are fine hun. I'm on my iPad and for some reason it won't let me add the picture to this post! If you want to check that out!

I'm keeping everything crossed for a straightforward pregnancy :- Xxx. Just a feint one on my FET and he's sitting on my knee right now. Good luck, hope this time passes quickly for you xx.A line is a line! Darkness can be dependent on a bunch of things.

Maybe a digital would help? Log in. My account. Baby Registry. The Bump Baby Registry. Getting Pregnant. Sign up for The Bump! Get weekly updates on baby and your body. Start by selecting which of these best describes you! Infertility New Discussion. November in Infertility. I know, I was totally going to wait for my beta, but DH confronted me about it last night and told me he wanted me to test this morning.

His reasoning was that he would be at work on wednesday and I would be all alone when I got the results and this whole TTC time the intimacy has been taken away from the process and he wanted one special time together regarding trying to get pregnant.

So I agreed and tested this morning on First response early detection test. There is definitely a second line, but it is faint. I expected by this time in my cycle it would be much darker than it is, but it isn't.

Has this happened to anyone else? Shouldn't it be darker by this time? Could this mean I am having a chemical pg? Report 0 Reply to Post. Re: Faint line 11dp5dt- Please help!

Live Pregnanct test!! Multiple brands !!10 DPO Faint Lines?!?!?

November I would take your line, and get rid of your doubt! It can take some time for the hormone to get from your blood to your pee, and while the darkness can have something to do with amount it does not necessarily. Congrats, but I think you know, you are pregnant! Report 0 Reply. A line is a line. It is too early for the line to be too dark, but if you weren't pregnant then nothing would show up at all.

Be happy! Loading the player You are pregnant! Ew yay!!I'm a wife, mother and step-mother.

10dt 5dt and really faint positive, any hope?

It took over 10 years and many procedures but we finally have our miracle. A line is a line is a line. That's all that matters. You would think the line would get blazing red, but nope still just as faint as the first one. I hope yours turns out to be a real life baby. I can't wait to hear what your numbers are. I agree with A, try not to research it too much because as IFers, we tend to see a lot of 'worst case scenarios' when really, there are so many more happy stories out there.

And we test A LOT. I'm sure plenty of fertiles would have the same results are you, but just don't think of testing as often. You are pregnant today and try to enjoy every second. With that said, I hope you get your beta moved up, just so you can breathe easier knowing that everything is ok Of course you're scared - it's now so real! Everything changes when you finally admit that you're pregnant.

Which you ARE!!! Don't read into those lines - they're really not a great indicator. Wait until your beta hope you get it done early! And the most important thing is enjoy these moments. Yes, focus on drinking more milk and eating more vegetables and all the wonderful things you will do for your baby Those are good things to focus on!

Sending you calming thoughts Two thoughts So if you're comparing a dried test to a fresh test the fresh one will look lighter. I had a couple times where the test was lighter than the previous day too.

The best I can figure is that it had to do with my hydration level or maybe even just a difference in the test strip. A line is a line! Many things can affect the concentration of HCG in your FMU - how much and what you drank yesterday sodas will dehydrate you, for examplewhat you ate yesterday anything with salt will dehydrate you, etc. The gist is that you have an embie creating HCG, of that there is no question. At this point only the beta will tell you how strong your LO is at this point.

Of the two HPTs I took with pregnancies, strangely the lighter line produced the higher beta number on the same day past O, and it was sky high. Try not to overthink and let's pray for a spectacular beta. I'll be thinking of you!! Hang in there, TeeJay. This could be the most difficult, the waiting for confirmation. Colors can vary test to test. As long as it doesn't disappear, you're good. I agree with PP The thing about being pregnant after IF is that you never feel "safe" It's not fair but IF takes away some of the joy of finally getting PG.This was a good sign.

It meant that hCG increased from day 8 to day I was able to enjoy the day happy as a clam marvelling to myself how one could really be pregnant with zero symptoms.

11dp5dt faint line

Note to self: I did see a small bright clot of red on two occasions at noon at on Friday at 9dp5dt. I have a history or chemical pregnancies. I woke up 10 minutes ago, and as planned used the First Response. The last time I used the First Response was 2 days ago at 9dp5dt so today I was expecting to see a darker line since hCG is supposed to double every hours in the early days.

Instead of getting darker as it should, the line is more faint than before. Can this really be happening again? After everything…am I really right where I started? IVF was supposed to be our glimmer of hope.

11dp5dt faint line

I am numb. Thankfully I have kept my home pregnancy tests from the Mr. Oh shit jenn. I dont know anything about home tests. Does it mean there is no hope? Go in today we do beta on 9pt5dt. I am feeling positive for you after mine were negative. Good luck. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

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Home Community Getting pregnant Trying for a baby. Should I be worried? It's barely there. Last cycle was a chemical pregnancy: paranoid. Add a comment. Comments 6 Add a comment.

11dp5dt faint line

I am 16dpo as well. No positive test yet but my period still hasn't showed up so I still have hope. I am also 16dpo and got a faint positive yesterday and today!!! Let's hope and pray this is our month ladies!!! These were 14 and 15 dpo. Then I had a negative. Haven't tested again since and no AF. How would I know if it was a chemical? Or is there a chance they were both evaps?

They showed up in under 5 mins. I want to test again but don't want to see another BFN. Lucyvegan Original poster. Popping in. That is for sure positive! Did you confirm ovulation? You might actually be less than 16 dpo. The line doesn't look worrisome to me though. Some people just take a little longer to accumulate enough Hcg to turn a really dark line.

Mine never got that dark this time around. And I am 22 weeks in! Log in or sign up to post a comment!

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